Cognac houses are responsible for purchasing wine spirits, ageing, blending and marketing. Their brands, identities and diversity help to promote the long-term growth of Cognac around the world. 

Emphasis is placed on high-quality wine spirits and Cognac houses have a key role to play in supporting their partner winegrowers and distillers, particularly in terms of developing winegrowing practices and production processes. Some Cognac houses also own vineyards, which they use to make and distil their own wines. 

Finally, while many Cognac houses of all sizes are owned by international companies, many of them are still family-owned. 



Purchasing wine and wine spirits:
Developing partnerships and supporting winegrowers and distillers

Storing and ageing wine spirits:
Partnerships with cooperages. Choosing casks, the quality of oak, charring, monitoring the ageing of wine spirits

Blending wine spirits: Choosing and blending wine spirits from different estates and vintages to give each brand its own personality.  But also, purchasing packaging, managing wine estates, distilling and bottling…


Building and managing a sales network to sell to importers and distributors in France and abroad

Knowing the rules and regulations applicable to selling Cognac in each country 

Managing logistics (ensuring the delivery of products from producers to clients – transport and customs formalities)


Understanding the market and consumers

Building a marketing strategy 

Promoting brands and Cognac houses

Opening Cognac houses (Brand Homes) to the public where visitors can discover Cognac brands in person