The SMC represents Cognac houses within the BNIC industry association.

The Cognac sector is made up of 2 associations (representing winegrowers and merchants), grouped together under the BNIC.

The Standing Committee is the BNIC’s decision-making body. It comprises an equal number of winegrower and merchant representatives, designated by their own associations

The SMC is the most representative union of merchant shippers (or Cognac houses) within the Cognac merchant community. Two other unions, the SBP and SMG are also part of the Cognac merchant community. The 3 associations are linked by an agreement under which the SMC ensures the coordination and sharing of information within the merchant community.

The UGVC is the representative association of winegrowers.

Cognac houses (their representatives at the SMC or their employees depending on the expertise required) participate in the BNIC’s work groups and commissions.

In addition, the SMC is in contact with related sectors, suppliers to the Houses and elected officials and institutions.