Maison Prunier

30 Rue Léonce Laval
16100 Cognac
05 45 35 00 14


Stéphane BURNEZ

A family business since its creation in 1769, Maison Prunier combines the art of ageing and blending carefully selected eaux de vie.

The quality of the cellars both at the historical site and in Gimeux contribute towards making Prunier products as amongst the best. It is a privilege for us to experience the magic of blending and to have the pleasure of elaborating unique products which will always remain in our memories.

We are proud to own a ‘Paradise’ which is now the testimony of qualities as they were consumed in the 19th century. Legend leads us to believe that there is an underground river flowing under the Cognac cellars and that it contributes to the inimitable taste of Prunier cognacs.

Stocking, ageing, blending, bottling, personal products. For 250 years the House of Prunier celebrates only the best and has been optimizing each quality.

“As each book tells us story, each product has its own. Come and tell us yours and we will put it in a bottle”.

Les marques

Cognac Prunier