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16200 Jarnac

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Richard Braastad Tiffon


Founded in 1875 by Médéric Tiffon, Maison Tiffon has kept its family character since its origins.

Sverre Braastad took over the Tiffon company by marrying Edith Rousseau, Médéric’s niece . The company is now run by three of Sverre Braastad’s grandsons, the fourth generation since Mederic. Growing their own grapes, distilling the white wine to make their own cognac, with ten « Alambic » pot stills. Tiffon also has different cellars, where the oak barrels are patiently ageing to give us our precious nectar.

Well situated, on the banks of the river Charente, Today Maison Tiffon devotes its time and energy to producing cognac in its perfection. A quality cognac which reveals the richness and diversity of our terroir and defends three values: Excellence, Tradition and Transmission.

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