Bisquit & Dubouché

Château Bisquit
90, boulevard de Paris
16100 COGNAC
05 45 36 61 10


Patrick Léger

Bisquit & Dubouché (Campari Group) is a prestigious French Cognac House with over 200 years of heritage, recognized for its progressive spirit.

Established in the heart of Jarnac in 1819 by Alexandre Bisquit and Adrien Dubouché, “Maison” Bisquit & Dubouché is renowned for its distinctive distillation method that gives it an outstanding smoothness and higher concentration of aromas. Completely relaunched in 2020 by Campari Group with a sleek contemporary bottle, our liquid is still protected by the brand’s symbolic griffin, the “guardian” of the first cellars.

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Bisquit & Dubouché